Jug Arrangement

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Everlasting faux arrangement in a embossed tin jug.

Here we are going to create a country style all round arrangement with which you will enjoy the beauty of for many years.

All though you will spend quite a lot of money on your faux flowers and foliage the benefits of it longevity will way out the cost in a matter of weeks. It is always better to spend on quality, realistic looking blooms when choosing your materials.

You will require a container of your choice something with a bit of height. A selection of realistic looking artificial flowers and complimentary foliages, a brick or two of dry foam depending on the aperture of your container. Some moss, I used the preserved reindeer moss which you can find in garden centres or a good florist.
A good pair of wire cutters or secateurs, florist scissors , pot tape, a knife to cut your foam, florist stub wire a 22 or 19 gauge, stem tape and possibly a glue gun if you need to glue your dry foam into your container.

Your first consideration is obviously to decide where the finished design will be displayed. When that’s decided the space available and colour scheme will guide you to your flower choice.


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